You have two ways to record door splits on ticket sales. First, open your event and click on the Finances tab.

Band Cut:
Under Ticket Sales, you can list your split of the ticket sales. You'll need to calculate what your percentage is on each sale: for example, in an 80/20 split, 80% take on a $10 ticket is $8. So you can enter $8 as the ticket cost and then the number sold, to calculate your total revenue on the door split.

Band & Venue Cut:
If your team sold tickets or collected money at the door, you may want to have the total ticket sales listed, including venue take. In our example, you would list ticket cost as $10 with the number sold, to calculate your total door. Then, you would list the venue cut under Expenses, so that you have both $500 (total door) and -$100 (venue cut) listed.

When your show is settled and/or the date has passed, these expenses and revenue will convert from projected to actualized in your Financial Ledger.

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