1. To begin building a project budget, head to the "Finances" tab and click on "Budgets" in the blue header next to "Ledger."

  2. Click "Add Budget" and fill out the necessary information. Make sure you Save. 

  3. Once you've saved your budget, you can begin to add expenses to this budget in    the Ledger tab, or in the Event's Finances section. 

   A. Click on "Add Transaction"
   B. Enter the details of your expense
   C. Select the budget this expense will deduct from
   D. Click "Save"

 4. You can review your budget progress by clicking back to the "Budgets" tab and   selecting the dropdown arrow:

Removing an expense from a budget does not delete the transaction for good. It only disassociates the expense with the budget it was attached to. 

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