Now that you have inventory added to your Tour Merch, you can select which items you'll be taking on the road with you.

First you'll need to add a tour

1. Select Tour Merch, and then Add New Tour
2. Enter in the information for this tour, including the start and end dates

The dates will then auto-populate your Tour Routing section:

Now we can add to the inventory

1. Select Tour Inventory
2. Click on Add Items in Saved Merchandise
3. Next to the item you'd like to add, click on Add to Tour
4. Enter the number of each size you will be bringing with you, select Save
Unless you are bringing your entire inventory with you, you'll only want to list the actual quantity of items you'll have on this tour. This will help with count-ins later.

5. Add additional items as needed
6. Selected items and the inventory of their respective sizes will now display in Tour Inventory

You can also add items by selecting Saved Merchandise and adding them the same way.

Voila! You are now ready to sell that merch out on the road!

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