Whether you're on or offline you can edit or view Events, Finances, and Guest Lists.

First download our desktop app for Mac and Windows.

If you're already using our mobile app, the desktop app will look very familiar. In the menu, you can access your artist roster, and the day view, events, and finances for each artist:

Day View:
The first section allows you to see your day view, including your schedule, events, travel, and hotel information. This is similar to what you would see on your day sheet. The Schedule tab includes a breakdown of your entire day. Quickly edit, delete, or view a schedule item by clicking on the check mark, X, or arrow:

Here you can see that Day View: Travel includes details of your flight and ground transportation, complete with flight number, passengers, and notes:

A first click into Events displays a list-view of all of your upcoming events, by month. Use the arrows to click through different months:

For all events, you can see the same information if you were to log into artistgrowth.com. This includes the Schedule, Contacts, Finances, Guest List, Production, Deal Info, and Marketing sections:

The other section you'll recognize is Finances. Whether you're reviewing revenue while flying to your next destination or working remotely over the holiday, keeping track of your team's finances has never been easier:

When Will My Team See Updates?

Any changes to your data will sync the next time you have a WiFi connection. You can keep track of those changes by clicking on Help & Support > Sync Status.

That's it! You're all set to start using our desktop app. And if you forget your laptop, remember you can also edit and view data from your phone via our mobile app, whether you're connected to the internet or not.

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