There are several ways for your team to stay updated on your artist's activity. 

Artist Activity Feed:
The updated activity feed now includes more useful data, including when:

  • A new event is added
  • An event's status is changed (tentative to confirmed)
  • An event is cancelled
  • The schedule is changed (items added or edited), including schedule items,  and travel (flight, ground, and accommodation), if the change happens within 72 hours before or 24 hours after the start time of the event

Updates appear in chronological order, along with who made the change and timestamps so you know when the activity happened.

You will only see activities performed on data you have permission to see. For example, if you don't have access to travel information, then you wouldn't be notified when a new flight is added.

When you can tap on or click the activity, it will take you directly to the event details page.

Roster Activity Feed:
Users can also see the same data on the roster activity feed, but for all artists.

Mobile Notifications:
To receive push notifications, be sure to download the latest version of our app. You can do that here:

iPhone app
Android app

Once that's completed, you'll be prompted to allow notifications the next time you open your app. Be sure to select allow, and you'll be automatically notified of any event changes for your corresponding teams.

If you add or edit data...
You don't need to do anything different! Your changes will automatically show up in the Artist Dashboard, Activity Feed, and via Push Notification (as long as your team has those turned on!)

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