Adding new team members has never been easier!

Adding Team Members

  1. When logged into a web browser, head to the "Team" section

  2. Select the plus button on the right hand side

  3. Enter the e-mail address, name, and position for your new team member

  4. From the "User Role" drop down, select a role (pre-created permission set)

  5. Select "Invite Team Member" 

  6. An e-mail will be sent to your invited team member and now show under "Pending" column on the left

Note: You can choose from our pre-created, default User Roles, or make your own. Custom User Roles need to be created before they can be chosen from the list. You can learn more about creating and applying User Roles here.

Accepting a Team Invite

To accept the invite, invited team members need to click on the link in their e-mail invite. It will take them to a web page where they can set their password and log in to access the artist.

Still not seeing the invite? Click here for some troubleshooting tips.

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