As you're adding new members to your team, you set their permissions by assigning them a User Role. User Roles are a pre-set group of permissions that are easily assigned to your team members via a dropdown in the "Team" section.

You can create a specific set of custom permissions, name that set, and apply it to one, two, or multiple, users. 

Creating a New User Role

  1. Go to the "Team" section and select the sub-section "Roles."

  2. Select "Add Role"

  3. Name your User Role - is this an Admin, the Artist/Band, a View-Only Crew Member, etc.?

  4. Select the permissions for this User Role

  5. Select "Add Role" to save this role

Pre-Created Default User Roles

In addition to the Admin role (complete account access), and any roles that you create, we have also provided 6 of the most popular permission sets that we see, and named them for you to use: 

  • Manage (No Finances) - Contributor

  • View Only

  • View Only (No Finances)

  • View Only (No Travel Or Finances)

  • View Only (No Travel)

  • View Only Limited

These are also editable- you can rename them, adjust the permissions, or delete them entirely.

Editing User Roles

When clicking on a User Role, you can see a break down of the permissions, and edit those by clicking pencil in the right hand corner:

User Roles can only be deleted if there are no corresponding members assigned to that role.

Applying User Roles

When creating new team members, you can easily apply a User Role by clicking on the "Role" dropdown box and selecting the User Role. User Roles need to be created before you can apply them to a team member.

Please be sure to read up on Contributor and View-Only roles.

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