Custom Guest List Pass Types

When requesting tickets for an event, team members also have the ability to request guest list passes. While Artist Growth already offers seven different pre-set pass types, contributors can also delete, rename, and abbreviate custom pass types that are more suitable for your team.

To Create A Pass Type: 

  1. From a browser, head to the “Settings” section within your artist’s account
  2. Select “Guest Lists” 
  3. Click the pencil icon
  4. The arrow option allows you to rearrange the pass type order
  5. The text box allows you to rename the pass type
  6. The abbreviation, which you can edit, shows up on your printed labels
  7. The -- allows you to remove pass types
  8. The + allows you to add new pass types
  9. Be sure to select Save to save your changes

The maximum pass types you can have is seven, so you'll need to delete one of the pre-set types to add an additional type.

If you’re trying to delete a pass type that you've already assigned in the past (let’s say Press), you won’t be able to delete it. You can, however, rename it to something new (ex. TV and Media). It will update to your new title where “Press” would have shown before- in the Guest Lists section and within the Guest Lists of events, whether those events have happened or not. See an example of an update below:

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