Creating and exporting an artist’s promo itinerary provides logistical support for every member of your tour team. This feature can also be used to create a “tour book” export as well as assist management with travel and CoS for overseas dates. 

To generate an export of your Promo Itinerary, you must first follow these steps, (Steps 1-3 are optional if you do not want to add day notes):

  1. From the Events page, click the Day view on the top left-hand side dropdown to enter your day notes 
  2. Click to Add Notes on the left side of the window. This could be something as simple as “back to back radio events in the same building” or “artist to perform 1 acoustic song of their choice post-interview”
  3. Click Save to save your day notes
  4. Click the Actions menu at the top right-hand side of any calendar view

   5. Click Export Promo Itinerary

   6. On the first modal, select the dates to export, title your export (this will go on the PDF), add any overall notes, and click Next.

   7. On the second modal, add any contacts if you haven’t added these in the actual events already. You can add multiple contacts on this screen. Click Next

   8. The last modal allows the user to customize what they want to view for the export, just like our daysheet export. Select all that apply and click Create PDF

Note: This will export as a PDF. If there is a lot of data in your export, it may be emailed to you instead of downloaded in the browser window.

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