To Create a Spanned Event:

Spanned Event - Different from a repeating event, in that it is one event spanned over consecutive days. A spanned event is created by choosing an end-date days after the start-date of one event. 

1. From any calendar view, click the "Add Event" button in the top right hand corner of the page

2. Select the event type (Performance, Festival, Promotion, Special Event, Rehearsal, Travel, Miscellaneous, Hold)

3. Enter as many basic details that you have for this event, including whether this is a confirmed event (if the box is left unchecked, it will show as a tentative event)

4. Choose whether this is an all day event or select start and end times

5. Leave the "All Day" box checked if you would like the spanned event to block off the entire day for the set of dates. Uncheck the "All Day" box to open time scheduling options

6. Select start and end dates (and times, if not all-day)

7. Click "Save"

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