To Create a Repeating Event:

Repeating Event - An event that occurs with some sort of frequency, such as weekly, monthly, daily or hourly. These events are independent of one another (for instance, each event can have its own Guarantee amounts.) An example of a repeating event would be a residency played every week at a particular club.

1. From any calendar view, click the "Add Event" button in the top right hand corner of the page

2. Select the event type (Performance, Festival, Promotion, Special Event, Rehearsal, Travel, Miscellaneous, Hold)

3. Enter as many basic details that you have for this event, including whether this is a confirmed event (if the box is left unchecked, it will show as a tentative event)

4. Choose whether this is an all day event or select start and end times

5. Follow the 5 steps above for creating a new event

6. Select "Repeats"

7. Select a recurrence frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

8. Set end date for when you would like the repeating event to stop

9. Click "Save"

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