On Artist Growth, we have two types of unique users, and it's important to understand the difference because one will affect your payment and subscriptions. 

  1. Contributors

Any roles that include a "manage" permission is considered a “Contributor.”  This means, quite literally, that person can “contribute” to the creating, editing, and deleting of data for some or all parts of your team’s data. You’ll also see a contributor label on team members’ profiles that have this level of permission.  

Contributors may also have a blue "Owner" button next to their name. 

Because of their level of access needed on the account, all Contributors must have an active subscription. 

  2. View-Only

Roles with no “manage” permission will be labeled “View-only.” The only difference in permissions for these users is they do have access to make Guest List requests. Besides that, these users can only view information on Artist Growth, but their accounts are free and unlimited. 

Note: All accounts must have at least 1 active Contributor subscription.

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