If you are seeing the below happening on your account, there are a few possibilities as to what could be going on:

This most common reason why you'd see a lock on your artist tile is because the account owner has stopped paying the subscriptions attached to the artist. When the account owner asks for account cancelation, the account remains open the duration of the subscription period, and then the artist tile(s) will lock until a new payment is added. 

If you are an account owner and wish to restart your subscription after seeing your artist has been locked due to lack of payment, you can add a new card in your Billing & Plan page. 

If you think there is an issue with your account and the artist tile should not be locked, please reach out to support@artistgrowth.com so we can look into this issue further. 

Note: If you no longer wish to see your "locked" artists on your roster page, simply un-favorite them by clicking the heart at the bottom right of the artist tile.

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