Note: The Manage section of Artist Growth is only accessible to account owners and admins who have security privileges. Account owners can Grant Manage Access to admins at any time at no additional expense.

Where to find it?

The Manage section of AG is located in two different places. The first is in the dropdown menu on the top left-hand corner of the AG homepage (see image).

The second place to access Manage is right from the AG homepage itself. You'll see it on the left-hand side of the page next to Artists, Calendar, and Activity (see image).

What does it do?

The Manage section allows you to control what your team members can see. The four categories accessible within the Manage tab are People, Roles, Artist Groups, and Preferences (see image).

From the People tab you will be able to see all of your team members from one convenient place, regardless of which artists they are associated with. Here you can invite team members, delete team members, or edit team member roles or artist association.

From the Roles tab you can add roles and apply those roles to the users in your organization. Note: System default roles cannot be deleted.

From the Artist Groups tab you can control which team members will be associated with which artists on your roster.

From the Preferences tab you can change your Organization name, which is visible to your entire Organization.

To create a new Artist Group, click +Add Group on the top right-hand side of the Artist Groups page. From there you'll get to choose the artists to add to the new group (see image).

Add the artists you want to that newly created group and give that group a name (see image).

Now that the new group has been created, you'll be able to choose which team members are to be associated with that group. Note: Depending on how you choose to set up your Artist Groups, team members can be a part of multiple Artist Groups.

How do I manage my team?

To edit your current team member access, go to the People tab and click on the three little 'edit' dots on the right-hand side of the page within a team member's profile. This will unlock a dropdown menu, click on Edit Artists & Groups (see image).

From this page you'll be able to choose exactly which artists or artist groups, roles, and positions your team member's will have. To edit or add a team member's permissions click on +Add Group or Artist Permissions (see image).

Doing this will open up a dropdown menu where you can choose the new group you just created or one artist at a time (see image).

How do I Grant Manage Access or Remove a User?

Grant Manage Access:

Go to the People tab and click on the three little 'edit' dots on the right-hand side of the page within a team member's profile. This will unlock a dropdown menu, click on Grant Manage Access. By doing this, you are allowing this team member to use the Manage section of the app.

Remove User:

By clicking on Remove User, you are removing this team member from your team entirely. Note: If this team member is currently listed as a Contributor on the team, by removing them you are not automatically canceling their subscription and will continue to be charged for their seat on your account until you do so. To cancel their subscription, please contact and someone can help you with this.

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