The Finances section in each event helps you keep all of your event’s financial transactions organized. Revenues and Expenses have been organized into sections for easy management:

  • "Payments Received": Label and log deposits and any other payments once they are received.
  • "Overages": Multiple overages can be documented and labeled in the overages section.
  • "Ticket Sales": Total tickets sold, or tickets sold by tier, can be recorded in the Ticket Sales section. You can enter quantity and ticket prices, and we calculate the totals for you.
  • "Other Revenues": Promoter credit, management credit and promoter production reimbursement can be recorded here.
  • "Expenses": Log any expenses associated with the event here. They will also show up in the financial ledger of the main finances section. Categories and title fields are available when recording the expense details. 

"Total Event Revenue" is figured by adding Payments Received, Overages, Ticket Sales and Other Revenues. Expenses are totaled within it's own section. "Net Revenue" is calculated by adding these two.

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