To access the daysheet:

1. Click the "Actions" menu at the top right of the event page
2. Click "View Daysheet"

The daysheet focuses on simplifying complex schedules, travel details and contacts into a single view.

  • Event and Venue Information. At the top of the daysheet is all pertinent event information (1) as well as the Venue's details (2) and contact person (3)
  • Schedule (4). The full schedule on the daysheet is comprised of all event schedule line items plus the times for any travel involved. The user can choose to show or hide notes for individual line items by clicking "View/Hide Line Item Notes" (5).
  • Hotel Details (6). All hotel details are listed here.
  • Transportation Details (7). All transportation details are listed here.
  • Other Contacts (8). This section displays all other contacts for the event other than the venue contact (which is at the top of the daysheet).

Additionally, customized printing options ensure that the you can keep important details such as travel and lodging hidden when necessary. You can easily navigate back to the event page by using the breadcrumbs (9) at the top of the Daysheet (or by hitting back on your browser).

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