The daysheet focuses on simplifying complex schedules, travel details and contacts into a single view.

To access the daysheet:

1. Click the "Actions" menu at the top right of the event page
2. Click "View Daysheet"
3. From this page, you can also Save as PDF to your computer, which will then allow you to email or text the daysheet. 

Customized Printing:

While we recommend keeping everything digital, we know some teams need paper daysheets posted in greenrooms and production offices backstage. 

To customize your printing options so venue staff, runners, and other personnel don't view sensitive information about your touring crew's travel logistics, you have the ability to customize the print views. 

You can also just export the schedule via the same page you access the daysheet. 

Note: Only those who have permission to view and/or access the daysheet can do so. 

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