When you "settle" a show, you are confirming that these transactions are correct and now you'd like to sign off on them. This process also adds all event transactions to the overall Finances in Artist Growth. Show settlement includes data such as paid attendance, % capacity and dollars per head from Merchandise settlement in the Artist Growth Tour Merch.

To settle an event:

1. Click the "Actions" menu at the top right of the event page (1)

2. Click "Settle Event" (2) to go to the Settlement page.

3. If everything looks correct, click “Settle Show” (3) at the bottom of the page to confirm all financial details.

If you are looking at your settlement sheet and something does not look correct, you must go back to the event page, to the appropriate section to edit any entries. You can also use the breadcrumbs (4) at the top of the settlement page for easy navigation back to the event as well. Once updates are made, click "Settle Event" again from the actions menu to review your updated numbers. Currently, settled shows are locked down and cannot be edited.

Note: Artist Growth has "auto-close" functionality, such that shows that have not actively been settled by someone deliberately will settle themselves, 24 hours after the event has passed.

TIP: Utilize Merch Settlement! 

When you use AG Tour Merch and settle a show, you are entering "Paid Attendance" which calculates your dollars per head.Your merch values then populate over to your entire show settlement, allowing you to realize your full Show Settlement in its entirety.

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