It's important to note what the default settings are when adding an event. 

Status: Tentative (1) - The "confirmed" checkbox is unchecked by default. If you know the event is confirmed, check the box. Of course, you can always change the status after the event is added.

Time: All Day (2) - Events are defaulted to “All Day” (checkbox is checked) – meaning the event will create a placeholder on the calendar for the entire day. If the event is not all day, meaning it has a specific start and end time, you will want to uncheck the "all day" box to reveal editable start and end times.

TIP: Add The Venue!

Adding the Venue/Location of the event is important because the event time and schedule will be the local time of the venue or location. For example, if you add “Los Angeles, California” or “The Viper Room” the event timezone will set to Pacific time. The venue search is integrated with Google, so it should be easy to identify your venue/event location. If a venue is not entered, the timezone will default to your artist's default timezone for their calendar.

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