AG uses common terminology surrounding events with regard to time:

All Day Event - An event that does not have a start time.

Timed Event - Perhaps the most common, these events have a start time and, possibly, an end time. To get the most out of AG, we recommend entering this if you know that your event starts at a particular time.

Repeating Event - An event that occurs with some sort of frequency, such as weekly, monthly, daily or hourly. These events are independent of one another, and therefore their data is also independent. Each event can have its own Guarantee amounts, for instance. In addition, you may also choose to propagate data across all events. Timed or All Day events can repeat. An example might be a residency played every week at a particular club.

Spanned Event - Different from a repeating event, in that it is one event spanned over consecutive days. A spanned event is created by choosing an end date days after the start date of one event. Timed or All Day events can span.

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