With Artist Growth, you can easily import your events from Bandsintown or Songkick to your Artist Growth event calendar.

To connect to Bandsintown or Songkick:

  1. Select your artist
  2. Go to the artist's Settings
  3. In the integrations section, choose which platform you would like to connect to, then select "Connect"

  4. After copying your artist's Bandsintown link, paste the URL into the box
  5. Click "Find Artist"
  6. You will then see a preview of the artist's data to confirm that you are connecting the right account
  7. Click "Connect Artist"

To Disconnect:

  1. Within the integrations page, select "Disconnect" next to the integration
  2. Confirm your disconnect by clicking on "Yes, I'm Sure"

Note: Artist Growth will pull updates from your Bandsintown or Songkick connection daily. So, as events or information is added to Bandintown or Songkick, your Artist Growth account will be updated. Artist Growth does not push event data to the platform you have connected. 

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