Subscribing to an artist's AG calendar allows you to easily keep your artist's calendar in sync with your calendar programs such as Google calendar, iCal or Outlook.  The calendar will update every 24 hours.

To subscribe to an artist's calendar:

1. Click the "Actions" menu at the top right of any calendar view
2. Click "Subscribe"

You have two options when subscribing to an artist's calendar:

1. COPY URL: Copy the URL and manually enter it into the calendar or your choice
2. OPEN IN CALENDAR PROGRAM: Click the button "OPEN IN ICAL/CALENDAR" and you'll be redirected to your default calendar 

Things to Note: Each calendar subscription link is unique to the user and their set of permissions, so it is not advised that you share your subscription link with another user. Simply instruct the team member to subscribe to the calendar via their own AG account.

Regenerating Calendar URL's: If you are experiencing any issues with your calendar subscription, a new URL can be generated. Keep in mind that this action will invalidate your old URL and you will need to resubscribe using the new URL that is created.

To Regenerate a Calendar URL:

1. From any calendar view in Artist Growth, find the "Actions" menu in the top right hand side.
2. Choose "Subscribe"
3. From the calendar subscribe window in the "Regenerate URL" section, click on "Yes, I need to regenerate my Calendar URL"

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