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I Need To Cancel My Artist Growth Subscription
I Need To Cancel My Artist Growth Subscription

Canceling? Accidental purchase? Here's all you need to know.

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The best way to cancel your subscription, or any other team member under the organization is to reach out to our Support team via the in-app messenger with the following information:

  • Account Owner name

  • Account Owner email

  • User subscriptions you need to cancel ("We are no longer working with Joe Alexander, can we please cancel his subscription?")

  • Any payment methods that also need to be changed, deleted, or migrated to a new user (the more details the better!)

Note: Whether you sign up for monthly billing or annual billing, our user subscriptions are still annually-based per our Terms & Conditions. Any account or user subscription cancelations are to be approved by Artist Growth first. 

If you started a subscription by accident, please let us know. It takes several business days to reimburse the funds to your bank because we use a third party payment processor.

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