How Do I Connect My Artist To The WME Feed?

Have an artist signed with William Morris? Here's all you need to know to enhance your workflow!

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The following is a list of everything Artist Growth currently pulls from the WME booking feed and pipes into the Artist Growth calendar:

  • Confirmed Event Title

  • Confirmed Event Date/Time

  • Confirmed Event Location/Venue

  • Engagement Notes

  • Guarantee

  • Potential Walkout

  • Venue Capacity

  • Contacts

Note: We only pull in data on confirmed events per the WME agent. The above information gets pulled nightly, and any changes you make to the above fields will revert back to what the WME agent has inputted on their system. 

Want to enhance your workflow and get these updates automatically into your artist's calendar on Artist Growth?

Here's how:

  1. Please reach out directly to your artist(s) WME RA and let them know you want your artist(s) to be included in the automated data feed between WME and Artist Growth. (If the WME RA has any questions, tell them to reach out to their IT department for further assistance)

  2. From there, WME will initiate the process on their end, and then send it over to us for completion. 

  3. This process usually takes about 48 hours from beginning to end. 

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