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Release Notes: Version 26.11.0
Release Notes: Version 26.11.0
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Version 26.11.0


Enhanced application navigation within accounts.

Enhanced delete functionality, enhanced notes formatting, enhanced event type selection.

Improvement and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for ticket requests and new team member invites.


  • Users belonging to multiple accounts can now navigate between their organization rosters more effectively

  • Organization name is shown to indicate the account you’re working with

  • You will now be navigated to your prior calendar view when deleting events

  • We have enhanced the text editor with an option to clear background highlight without removing other text formatting

  • Event type listings have been updated for consistency throughout the application

Bug Fixes

  • We have resolved an issue where the ‘Guest Of’ email field was not formatting correctly for long email addresses

  • Trailing spaces at the end of email addresses when inviting new team members will no longer present an error message

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