Release Notes: Version 26.8.0
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Version 26.8.0


Enhanced editing for promo event requesters.

Promo Export.
Enhanced formatting for contacts and markets.

Enhanced results page display and interactive filtering.

Enhanced Market filter function.

Guest Lists.
Enhanced Announcement Date functionality; optimized PDF export.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for the artist profile picture, billing and plan updates, and deleting inventory.


  • We have made optimizations to your promo itinerary export!

    - All event markets for the day will be shown in the day’s header

    • Previously, only the first event’s market for the day was displayed

    - Any timezones for events, travel and accommodations, when a location is included, will be shown

    - We have added definitive sectioning for event contacts along with text formatting for contact info

  • Promo event requesters can now edit and delete their promo events in different statuses

  • We have enhanced your Search results page!

    - Events will now be sectioned by year

    - You can click to remove filters from your results page easily

    - Results will change to reflect the remaining filters when removed

  • You will now see feedback when adding an Announcement date that occurs after an event’s start date

  • Artist Holds and Comps can now be entered without requiring an Announcement Date to be entered

  • Guest List PDF exports will now include information about pickup locations for ticket requests

  • Your roster calendar Market filter header is now collapsible like other filter headers

Bug Fixes

  • Admin users will now be able to edit artist profile pictures without error

  • We have resolved a display issue with subscription user names and payment cards

  • Account owners can now save updated expiration dates for credit cards without having to make additional info changes

  • An issue has been resolved when trying to remove saved tour inventory

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