Release Notes: Version 26.7.0
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Version 26.7.0


Enhanced role title display.

Optimized to include event tags.

Enhanced text formatting options.

Enhanced default dates.

Activity Feed.
Optimized Note change item text.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for the On Sale export, Activity Feed time changes, and Year artist calendar export.


  • We have added more options in the Notes text editor!

    - Note text can now have highlight, underline and strikethrough formatting

    - You can now easily clear formatting on text, as well

  • New travel item departure and arrival default dates will now reflect your event’s date

  • Your Search now includes the ability to search events by tags

  • Activity feed items for Schedule, travel and accommodation Note changes will reflect generalized text instead of specific note changes made

  • We have removed role titles from your roster artist tiles

    - Owners and Admin roles will continue to be displayed

Bug Fixes

  • The ‘On Sale Grid’ export will now display correct events

  • Schedule item time changes in your activity feed items will be in the same format as other activity item time changes

  • The Year calendar PDF export now displays all month headers correctly

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