Release Notes: Version 26.6.0
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Version 26.6.0


Activity Feed.
Enhanced Favorite filtering.

Enhanced calendar filtering; optimized artist month view PDF export.

Updated Add Event text.

Enhanced Contacts data.

Enhanced Notes fields; updated location placeholder text.

Optimized file viewing.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes a bug fix for the User Profile area.


  • You will be able to view your last set calendar filters and sidebar position when navigating between your calendars and other areas in AG

  • Your roster activity feed and drop-down activity header will now only display activity for your Favorite artists

    - You still be able to view activity for your Other artists in the artist Dashboard

  • We have optimized your artist calendar month PDF export!

    - You will be able to choose to export one month or a month range

    - Your export is now formatted to show the month display in your browser instead of the 6-month calendar view

    - Each month in a selected range will export on a separate page

  • You can now enter Departure and Arrival Notes in your travel items instead of one field for both

  • We have updated the list of contact Role titles to choose from when managing your event’s contacts

  • You will no longer see the ‘Success’ confirmation modal when adding schedule, travel and accommodations, for more efficient workflow

  • Opening a file within AG will open the document in a new browser window

  • We have also made some minor UI updates

    - The placeholder text for travel arrival and departure locations now displays as “Departure Location” and “Arrival Location”

    - We have updated the Add Event modal ‘Save’ button to display as “Save Event”

    - The ‘Watch Tutorial’ link is no longer showing in the app header for trial accounts

Bug Fixes

  • We have resolved an issue where some user’s primary email addresses were not showing in their User Profile

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