Release Notes: Version 24.3.0
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Version 24.3.0


Enhanced artist access and menu items.

Enhanced event details with market; enhanced promo export with default date settings.

Enhanced event details with market; further enhanced Day view performance.

Enhanced search navigation.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for promo itinerary exports, updating an artist’s profile picture, artist calendar navigation, roster navigation, schedule item display on Day view, and contacts on filtered Day view.


  • You will now be able to see your event market on the event details page and the calendar side bars

  • The promo itinerary export will now include a default start and end date, as well as a date and time stamp on your exported PDF

  • You will be able to access your roster menu items from the ‘My Roster’ drop-down menu, and quickly access your roster just by selecting the AG logo

  • When you click into your artists, you will now land on the last visited calendar view for artists you have accessed previously or the 6 month calendar view for artists that you’ve not accessed

  • The event Search bar and Advanced Search is now combined into a single search option

  • Your artist Day view has been optimized for more efficient performance while working in the app

Bug Fixes

  • Newly defaulted promo itinerary templates will now be visible when exporting a promo itinerary or changing the PDF title

  • We have resolved an issue where an error was shown when trying to update an artist’s profile picture

  • An issue has been resolved where TBD schedule items were showing as 12:00am on the Day view and the promo itinerary export

  • An issue has been resolved where a delay occurs when using the ‘Jump To’ on the artist Day view

  • We have resolved an issue where a delay occurs when selecting the ‘My Roster’ drop-down menu from certain areas in app

  • When filtering the artist Day View, event contacts for the filtered events will no longer remain on your view

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