Release Notes: Version 23.3.0
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Version 23.3.0


Enhanced options for feature and bug portals.

Enhanced role descriptions.

Enhanced Songkick event start time.

Enhanced ticket requests guests listing.

Enhanced activity feed and notifications for schedule templates.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for team member contacts on events, repeating event activity text, hover-text over credit cards, Contacts tab loading, schedule entry, user profile avatars, calendar details for events, and promo export Settings link.


  • Users will receive only one notification when schedule templates are added to events

  • We have made a minor update to the event sidebar ticket request “Guest Of” drop-down list so it’s consistent with ticket requests in the event details page

  • All imported Songkick events will now have their event time set to “All Day”

  • Users can now add descriptions to their team roles

  • You can now view our new feature portal for giving feedback for new features

    - Additionally, you can view our new bug portal to see updates to reported bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • We have resolved an issue where some team member contacts could not be added to events

  • When adding a new team member, we have fixed an issue where some code was showing when hovering over a credit card selection

  • Repeating events will now show appropriate text in activity items

  • An issue has been resolved where the Contacts tab was not loading on the events page when a user has no team member manage role

  • Users will no longer be redirected to event details after adding Schedule Item from an event

  • When viewing a team member’s info on the Teams page, the avatar in the list now matches the one in the team member’s details

  • We have resolved an issue auto-suggestion not working when adding event tags

  • An issue has been resolved where event details showed event market in place of city, state

  • Promo export ‘Settings’ link will now take users directly to their Templates instead of the Integrations landing page

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