Release Notes: Version 22.3.0
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Version 22.3.0


Enhanced image preview on user profile.

Enhanced promo request notifications; enhanced contact Role options for label; enhanced custom location country.

Guest Lists.
Enhanced ticket request notes.

Enhanced adding ledger items.

enhanced Day view display; Search: enhanced Advanced Search navigation.

Enhanced avatars for team members.

Enhanced sender name for Artist Growth emails.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for adding and editing finances, adding travel items, viewing roster Event List, displaying team members, Day view event and contact display, and Google location .


  • Users that manage promotion events can now receive notice when a promo request is confirmed or declined

  • Users that create promotion events can now receive notice when their promo request has been confirmed or declined

  • We have optimized the Day view for better display of your spanned events

  • We have updated the roster Day view’s sidebar event details to include more consistent event information

  • We have updated the Advanced Search button to be more intuitive when using the search

  • You will now see updated placeholder avatars for team members throughout the app

  • Users that have permissions to manage ticket requests can now add a note to the request

  • We have added “Label” as an event contact’s Role option

  • We have removed a Delete button when a user is adding a new ledger item

  • You can now preview and edit images prior to adding them to your event’s details

  • US is no longer the country associated on events with custom locations

  • We have added a sender name to all Artist Growth emails

Bug Fixes

  • Deposits can now be edited with the pencil icon

  • We have added start and end date validation on travel items

  • We have optimized the Finances tab to refresh the page when ledger items are updated

  • We have updated larger browser resolution for the roster Event List view

  • When a user has an empty first or last name on their account, we now show them correctly in team member drop-down lists

  • Users with permission to view contacts and view team members can now see team members on the Day view

  • The Google location for Debonair Music Hall will now save correctly on events and travel items

  • We have resolved an issue where All Day events are showing as TBD in Day view

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