Release Notes: Version 19.3.0
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Version 19.3.0


Enhanced event details and optimized loading in calendar.

Ability to recall contacts and enhanced Promotion events tabs.

Enhanced Day view and enhanced ‘Subscribe’ modal.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for adding and viewing events, and PDFs in the artist calendar. New Daysheet formatting, ‘Subscribe’ modal regenerate link, and updates to timezones and Engagement Notes.


  • We now have contacts recall!

    - Users can store and update contact information across an artist’s events

    - Anywhere adding a contact record is available, you can later recall that contact information.

    - Updates made to a contact record are updated across all the artist’s events

  • We have added event details to your roster calendar!

    - Selecting any date in your Month or Week view displays all events for that date in the sidebar

    - You can drill into additional event details by selecting the specific event in the sidebar

  • Event contacts are now visible in the artist calendar Day view details

  • We have optimized the roster calendar results for large rosters

  • We have also optimized the look of the iCal ‘Subscribe’ modal

  • Your Contacts tab is shown first when viewing your promotion event details

  • Enterprise clients will now see 'Tickets' instead of 'Guests' in their navigation menu

Bug Fixes

  • The 6-month and Year artist calendar views are now generating PDFs correctly

  • We have cleaned up some incorrect text displayed on your Tasks page

  • We have resolved a formatting issue with the printed Daysheet and schedule line item notes

  • We have resolved an issue where the ‘Regenerate Link’ option was not working in the iCal subscription modal

  • Events can now be added on your 6- and 12-month calendars when tentative or spanned events are also visible for that day

  • An issue was resolved with saving artist timezones

  • We resolved an issue where some All Day events were not showing on the artist calendar Day view

  • Event Engagement Notes will now display in your event details when added or updated

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