Release Notes: Version 14.3.0
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Version 14.3.0


Enhanced roster management with Favorites.

Enhanced travel and accommodation entry; enhanced event additions.

Roster Calendar.
Optimized filtering.

Enhanced trial end notification.

Enhanced feedback reporting.

Improvement and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for event locations and schedule items, Guest List exporting, artist dashboard, profile management and alignment of some page data.


  • We now have roster Favorites!

    • Users can ‘favorite’ their frequently accessed artists from their roster

    • Any selected artists will be updated in a new ‘Favorites’ section

    • Users will only receive push notifications for their favorite artists

  • Travel and accommodation items can now be entered without a start or end time, or check-in or check-out time

    • Items without a time will not be shown on your event’s Full Schedule, as well as on your Day Sheet, until a time is entered

    • They will continue to show on the individual Accommodations and Flights sections

  • A banner will be shown in AG when your trial has expired

  • You can now quick-add event notes to a new event added to your artist’s calendar (available in both roster & artist calendars)

  • We have made some optimizations to your Roster Calendar!

  • Want to let AG know of a cool new enhancement for the app? You can do this with our ‘Leave Feedback’ section!

    • Browse and upvote previously suggested features and enhancements from other users

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where schedule item end times were not sorting correctly

  • Now displaying the updated name instead of the prior one when entering an venue’s updated name for an event’s location

  • Updated the confirmation text when resending a guest list via email

  • Resolved the issue where guest lists could not be exported to CSV format

  • Resolved an issue where users could not expand their event listing under ‘This Week’ in their artist dashboard

  • Resolved an issue where users were receiving an error when trying to add a secondary email to their profile

  • Small design alignment cleanups

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