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Release Notes: App Version 1.21.0
Release Notes: App Version 1.21.0
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Version 1.21.0


Ability to add and edit promo events.

Guest List.
Enhanced ticket request and pass counts.

Improvements and Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for roster calendar performance, event finances, roster images, Daysheet download, Favorite buttons, and notifications.


  • You can now create and edit promotional event requests as on the web app.

  • The guest list summary views will now include the number of passes in addition to tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • We've made some additional performance enhancements for the roster calendar.

  • You should now see the correct list of events when editing a financial transaction.

  • (Mobile) We've made additional changes to address missing artist images on the roster.

  • (Android) We've fixed an issue with the daysheet download on certain Android versions.

  • (Desktop) The favorite buttons on the roster should work correctly again.

  • (Windows) The daysheet download should now work correctly.

  • (Windows) You should now be able to click the "OK" button on toast messages.

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