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Release Notes: App Version 1.20.0
Release Notes: App Version 1.20.0
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Version 1.20.0


Enhanced daysheet download; ability to add event notes to the day view; improved schedule items display

Guest List.
Enhanced ticket request required fields

Improvements & Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for the Deal Info tab, event dates, event note formatting, desktop editing and attachment downloads


  • You can now download the daysheet from the details screen for an event. This can be found on the new "actions" button in the header.

  • You can now view and manage day notes on the Day View.

  • Unscheduled travel and accommodations will now appear in all Day View sections.

  • The Affiliation and Pick Up Location fields on ticket requests are no longer mandatory.

Bug Fixes

  • We've made some changes to the Deal Info tab to match the behavior of the web app.

  • If an event ends in a different month or year from when it started, both values will now be displayed.

  • The formatting of notes should match the web app more closely.

  • (desktop) We've fixed a bug that could cause the event editing form to lock up.

  • (desktop) The download button on attachments should now work correctly.

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