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Release Notes: App Version 1.17.1
Release Notes: App Version 1.17.1
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Version 1.17.1


Enhanced roster calendar for mobile

Optimized date selectors, enhanced email and role types.

Improvements and Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for future date selection, travel items, read activity feed items, and cancelled events.


  • We have optimized the date pickers for your events and schedule items!

  • ‘Work’ is now the default option for email type within your Contacts

  • You can now add ‘Other’ as a role type for your Contacts

  • We have enhanced the roster calendar

  • You will now be notified when a team member account needs attention

Bug Fixes

  • You can now select future years for travel dates

  • Ground transportation should no longer show “Carrier TBD”

  • The unread activity count should update itself correctly again

  • Cancelled events should no longer appear in the roster calendar

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