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Release Notes: App Version 1.17.0
Release Notes: App Version 1.17.0
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Version 1.17.0


Enhanced roster calendar for mobile

Events Management.
Enhanced text copy; enhanced passenger selection.

Improvements and Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for Finances and Deal info tabs, URL redirects, guest list management and button selection


  • (Mobile) The roster calendar is now available! It can be accessed by choosing the "Calendar" tab or menu item without any artists selected. You can back out of an artist by using the back arrow above the artist's picture in the menu.

  • (Mobile) You can now select and copy the text in your notes fields.

  • When adding passengers to your travel items, you now have the option to pre-fill the form with your team members.

Bug Fixes

  • Managing your guest list after viewing an event from the calendar or activity feed should now work correctly.

  • Ticket scaling items that have no price or quantity will no longer cause the Deal Info tab to crash.

  • (Mobile, Windows) We resolved an issue that could cause the finances tab to crash with a black or white screen.

  • (Mobile) Links that are entered into notes fields should now do what you expect when tapped.

  • (iOS) We've resolved an issue that caused taps to be off target after logging in on iOS 12.

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