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Release Notes: App Version 1.14.0
Release Notes: App Version 1.14.0
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Version 1.14.0


Event Management.
Enhanced activity updates for deleted items

Document Management.
Enhanced uploading of files

Improvements and Fixes.
Fixes to event filtering


  • You'll now receive activity updates and notifications when event-related items are deleted

  • You can now upload all of the same file types that are permitted on the web app

  • We'll now remember the names of files you've attached

  • You now have the opportunity to rename your attachments before they are uploaded

  • You can now download attachments in the desktop app. Attachments will be saved to your Downloads folder

  • We've removed the built-in photo capture feature from the desktop app. You should get better results by using the tools provided by macOS/Windows

  • After creating a new event, you'll be taken directly to that event's details

Bug Fixes

  • The event menu will now correctly filter its contents

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