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Release Notes: App Version 1.8.1
Release Notes: App Version 1.8.1
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Version 1.8.1


Data Synchronization.
Enhanced UI support

Event Management.
Enhanced schedule items. Enhanced event times. Enhanced event details.


  • The UI will now consistently indicate that items need to be synced

  • When a schedule item start time is TBD, it is now saved that way

  • Artist comps and holds are now initialized correctly when empty

  • Required fields now make you enter something that isn’t whitespace. No cheating!

  • End times of events and schedule items are now adjusted correctly when the start time changes.

  • Timezones are now handled properly when editing travel arrival/departure times

  • Timezones are now handled properly when editing accommodation check-in/check-out times

  • Viewing a month’s events now always gets all of the events that happen that month

  • Guarantee and capacity are not visible for event types where they don’t make sense

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