Subscribing to your Calendar

Subscribe to your Artist Growth events calendar and connect it to your local Google, iCal or Outlook calendar

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To Subscribe to an Artist's Calendar, select the Artist from your Roster. Then click on the three little dots in the top right hand corner, and click on Subscribe.

You have two options when subscribing to an artist's calendar:

  1. COPY URL: Copy the URL and manually enter it into the calendar or your choice

  2. OPEN IN CALENDAR PROGRAM: Click the button OPEN IN ICAL/CALENDAR and you'll be redirected to your default calendar

Note: Each calendar subscription link is unique to the user and their set of permissions, so it is not advised that you share your subscription link with another user. Simply instruct the team member to subscribe to the calendar via their own AG account.

Refresh Rate For iCal on iPhone:

  • To change the update frequency, navigate to the Settings app

  • Tap on Calendar to go to calendar settings

  • Tap on Accounts to see all your calendar accounts and subscriptions

  • Tap on Fetch New Data

  • Scroll down to the Fetch section and select your desired update frequency. For the most efficient updates, we recommend setting this to 5 or 10 minutes.

Refresh Rate For iCal on Mac:

  • To change the update frequency, select the calendar in the sidebar and then choose Get Info from the Edit menu

  • If you selected a subscribed internet calendar, you will see an Auto-refresh pop-up menu

  • Select your desired refresh frequency from the Auto-refresh pop-up menu

  • Click OK to save your changes

NOTE: Calendar subscribers may only have limited access to events in the past. Events more than 3 months in the past may not show up on subscribed ICal calendars.


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