Full Event Details and Integrations

Get down to the nitty gritty details of each event, and leverage our various integrations

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Once your event is created with an Event Type and Status, team members with manage permissions can edit the basic details of the event.

Basic event details are comprised of:

  • Event date, time and frequency

  • Event Title

  • Event Status (Tentative, Confirmed, Requested, or Declined)

  • Venue/Location (powered by Google Places)

  • Guarantee

  • Venue Capacity

  • Guest List Ticket Allotment

  • General Event Notes

Aside from the basic event details, your team can get super granular with the amount of information you want to house within that specific event by leveraging the subheadings within the event, which include:

  • Deal Info

  • Schedule

  • Marketing

  • Finances

  • Contacts

  • Guest List

  • Production

To get to this ⬆️ view, You can click on the event in your calendar, and your Full Event Details will slide into view. Most of these tabs come equipped with their own notes section, as well as an area to add attachments.

Here's a high level overview of how Full Event Details work in Workspace:

We currently have integrations with WME and Songkick. If you want to connect your artist(s) to these integrations, check out these articles:

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