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How to Create and Export an Itinerary or Day Sheet
How to Create and Export an Itinerary or Day Sheet

Create Itineraries and Day Sheets automatically with the information from your Events in Workspace

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Workspace creates your Itineraries and Day Sheets for you with the information you enter in to your Events for an artist. Workspace allows you to choose a date range and select which types of events you want to include on your export. Exports are in a PDF format.

To Create and Export a PDF Itinerary:

Not seeing the ··· ? Make sure you are on your Artist Calendar (not your Roster Calendar)

  • Click Export Itinerary

  • Choose a date range

  • Customize Title (Default is "Itinerary"

  • Customize the page break formatting (Continuous vs One Day per Page)

  • Customize which types of Events are included

  • Add any Notes that you would like to appear at the end of your itinerary

  • Click Export

To Create and Export a PDF Day Sheet:

  • Follow the directions for an itinerary; however when selecting a date range, select the same date for your start and end selections

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