Create Duplicate Event Schedules

Want to copy an artist's event schedule and cut down on data entry? Here's how.

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Duplicating events and copying over key event logistics like contacts and schedule items just got easier.

Note: Team members with permissions to manage an artist's events and calendar should be able to duplicate event schedules.

To access this feature, please do the following:

  • Navigate to the event on your Artist's Calendar by going to My Roster and selecting the artist

  • Select the date of the event on your calendar, then click on the Day View toggle in the top left above the calendar

  • Once you're in Day View of the event you wish to duplicate, click on the three little dots on the right above your schedule items and choose Duplicate Schedule.

  • A box will pop up and ask you to pick the date you want to have the schedule copied over to. Once you select it, click Confirm, and your schedule will be copied over.

Note: Travel items (flight, ground, and hotel accommodations) will not be copied over.


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