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Release Notes: Workspace v8.60
Release Notes: Workspace v8.60
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What's New? πŸ”

  • Both ticket requesters and ticket managers now have the ability to delete ticket requests

  • You can view Contact details when viewing your Event details

  • We've added a Master Tour .CSV import option

Updates 🎊

  • Updated some of the wording in our Event Group feature

  • Schedule and travel items will default to the linked event's time zone

  • We added a search box to help find your linked events quicker when setting up schedule items

  • You can now specify the display time zone of the schedule

Fixes πŸ› 

  • Date pickers when adding an event or schedule item are now less janky

  • Made a fix to ensure that the artist group edit form scrolls all the way down to the end of the list

  • Squashed a ticket bug. Group edit forms can now be opened again after reloading the page

  • Quick fix made to ensure the selected event group name is displayed

  • Space bar no longer closes drop downs with search fields

  • Travel details now show local time zones

  • Squashed a time zone bug causing events to show 1 day early in some Artist and Organization calendars

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