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Release Notes: App Version 8.6.0
Release Notes: App Version 8.6.0
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What's New πŸ”

  • We added our ticket request feature! You can now create and edit ticket requests in the app

  • Our mobile sign up is finally complete. New users can sign up for AG in app!

Updates 🎊

  • The Event form is better behaved

  • Custom locations for the artist during mobile sign-up are no longer allowed

  • Adjusted our mobile ticket styles

Fixes πŸ› 

  • Ensure that users who signed up on the mobile app can manage their tickets + requests

  • Made a permissions fix ensure that the edit notes button is displayed to users with edit permissions

  • Squashed a few miscellaneous bugs in mobile sign-up

  • Squashed a date picker bug when creating new events

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