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How to Upload Calendar Data from Master Tour or a Spreadsheet
How to Upload Calendar Data from Master Tour or a Spreadsheet

Easily upload your old Master Tour Itineraries or tour spreadsheets with a click of a button

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NOTE: This feature is only accessible to Account owners.

Making the switch from Master Tour to AG has never been easier. Here's how to upload your Master Tour Itineraries or tour spreadsheets into Artist Growth.

First, navigate to My Roster and select the Artist Calendar you want to upload the itinerary to and find the three little dots on the right side of the screen. Click on them and select either Import Master Tour CSV or Calendar Data, depending on if you're uploading a Master Tour Itinerary or a CSV or Excel Spreadsheet.

Next, click on the icon in the middle of the window to browse your computer for the file you need. Select the file and click Open.

Pro Tip: If you're wanting to upload an Excel Spreadsheet, click on the Download Excel Template button. This template will help you make sure you have all your needed data entered correctly, and it will make the upload process quicker. If you forgo the template, make sure that your spreadsheet or CSV includes the Event Types for each of your events, or else you won't be able to upload your data.

Before you can import the CSV or Excel file, you'll be asked to review it to make sure there's no formatting problems. Once you've finalized and reviewed the file, click Import.

During the import, you'll begin to see your events pop up on your Artist's Calendar. Pretty simple, right?

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