Get To Know Our Extended Calendar Views

Keep track of your events with our new six- and 12-month calendar views

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With our Extended Calendar Views, you have the convenience of adding, viewing, and editing your events six and 12 months ahead, all on a single screen.

To access the Extended Calendar Views, click Calendar under the Events tab. You'll see the calendar view toggles in the top right of your calendar.

You can switch between a six-month and 12-month view using their respective toggle buttons along the top of the calendar. You also have the option to view either your event names or event locations in the calendar using the Event Names or Locations buttons on the top right of the calendar.

To narrow down what events you want to see, you can use our geographic filters (continent, country, and market) by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines located under the Event Names and Locations buttons.

Export Your Calendar

Export a PDF of your calendar by clicking on the 3 little dots next to the Event Names and Locations buttons, then select Generate PDF. You can then select what months you want to export.

Add Events

Finally, to add events to your calendar, hover over the date and click the + on the right side of the date box.

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