How to Shift Your Schedule to a New Date

Did the date of your event change? Shift your schedule items to a new date with the click of a button!

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Being on the road can be unpredictable. We know all too well how illnesses, weather, transportation malfunctions, and other worst-case scenarios can require events to be rescheduled. Now, you can keep your schedule for the day intact when moving your event to a new date. Here's how. ⬇️

NOTE: Only users with permissions to edit events have the ability to change event dates and shift schedule items.

  1. From your calendar, select the event for which you want to change the date. This can be done at both the organization and artist level.

  2. Click on the event to bring up the full event details.

  3. Click the three dots next to your event title, then click Edit.

  4. Scroll down to Date & Time and enter the new date of your event. Then click Save.

  5. You'll be prompted with an alert asking if you want to move the schedule items associated with the event. Make your selection, then click Update Event.

The date of your event and any associated schedule items will now reflect the new date everywhere throughout your Workspace account.

Watch These Steps in Action 🎬

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