Bandsintown For Artists Integration

Workspace allows a user to to import all their Artists Events from Bandsintown.

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  • You must turn off 2-Factor Authentication on your Bandsintown account before going through the integration process. Once the integration is complete, you can turn it back on.

  • In order to connect Bandsintown you must be an Admin in your Workspace.

Note: If you already integrated with SongKick, you will need to disconnect first. Additionally, your Events may be duplicated by connecting to Bandsintown and require manual effort to deduplicate.

To Connect Bandsintown for Artists to an Artist Calendar

  • Navigate to an Artist Calendar

  • Click Settings, nestled under Manage from left menu

  • Click Integrations

  • Click Connect next to Bandsintown (if you have connected to Songkick already, please see note above)

Enter in Bandsintown For Artists credentials for the Artist

If you login to Bandsintown for Artists with Facebook, you will need a username and password to use our integration. Please visit the Bandsintown Help Center article here for instructions on how to do so.

  • Your Artist Calendar will be populated with Events from Bandsintown, which will refresh daily.

Data flow is import only. Events or data that you enter into Workspace does not export to Bandsintown.

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