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Event Vs. Schedule Item: What's the Difference?
Event Vs. Schedule Item: What's the Difference?

Keep your team on the same page by using Events and keep your schedules up to date.

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What is an Event?

An Event is a planned occasion with a specific date and time. In Workspace, an Event is where your team can find all the details they need for whatever may be taking place. Each event can be categorized with an Event Type like a Performance, Festival, Session, Promotion, the list goes on.

All Events can be found on your Roster and respective Artist Calendars. By clicking on them, you'll be taken to your Full Event Details to view any Notes, Files, Finances, Contacts, Deal Info, Venue Information, and Schedule items related to the Event.

Workspace makes it incredibly easy to add Events to your Calendar.

Add An Event To Your Calendar

1. From any calendar view, click the orange + button in the top right hand corner of the page.

2. Select the Event Type (Performance, Festival, Promotion, Special Event, Rehearsal, Travel, Miscellaneous, Hold, etc).

3. Enter as many basic details that you have for this event, including whether this is a confirmed event (if not confirmed, it will show as a tentative event).

4. Choose whether this is an all day event or select start and end times.

5. Click Save.

What is a Schedule Item?

A Schedule Item is a smaller event or happening that you add to your main Event's Schedule. Schedule Items make up the logistics of your day and are the items you'll find on your tour itinerary or daysheet. These items include Travel Details and Accommodations, along with any General Schedule items related to the Event. General Schedule items can be changed to reflect any of the Event Types Workspace has to offer to make categorizing Schedule Items and viewing your schedule a breeze.

NOTE: Schedule items only appear on your Event's Full Details Page or when your Artist Calendar is in Day View. Schedule items will not appear on your Roster or Artist Calendar in Weekly, Monthly, or Extended Calendar Views.

You can view and add schedule items to your Event two different ways.

Add Schedule Items Via Full Event Details

  1. Click on the Event on your calendar to access the Full Event details

  2. Click on the Schedule tab

  3. Click +Add

  4. Select if you want to add a Travel, Accommodation, or General Schedule Item

  5. Add your information

  6. Click Save or Save & Add Another if you have more Schedule Items to add to your Event.

Add Schedule Items Via Day View Calendar

  1. Click My Roster and click the Artist the Event is associated with.

  2. Use the Calendar View toggle on the top of the calendar to switch to Day view.

  3. Use the Jump To button to select the date of your Event.

  4. Click on the + on the right hand side of your screen, down towards where it says Schedule.

  5. Select the item type you need, then fill out all the necessary information.

  6. Click on Link to Event at the bottom of the window, and select the event you want your schedule item to be associated with.

  7. Click Save, the schedule item will be listed under the day's Schedule in Full Event Details.

Who can add Events and Schedule Items?

Account Owners and those who have Collaborative Roles with permissions to Manage Events and Schedule Line Items can add, edit, and delete Events and Schedule Items.

When should I use an Event?

A great example of when you should use an Event is when you're adding your tour dates to Workspace. Adding your tour dates as Events will create an overview of the tour for your team to see, and will create points of access for your team to view critical information for each date. If you happen to have a Tour Date Itinerary CSV from Master Tour, you can upload it and Workspace will import your tour dates as Events. Take a look at this article to learn more:

When should I use a Schedule Item?

Once you have those tour dates entered and locked in, you should go into each Event and add Schedule items for that day, like when load in/load out will be, sound check, venue doors open, etc. If your schedule for each day will be the same, you can duplicate your schedule to each of your tour dates. Check out the article below to learn more:

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